Inverloch and Kongwak Primary Schools.


Inverloch and Kongwak Primary Schools operate in a hub-annex relationship, working together to provide a unified curriculum and optimal learning experiences for their students. Each school has its own School Council and Parents and Friends Association whilst collectively having one Principal, one Assistant Principal and one staff. Both schools are supported by an administration team who attend to administration tasks.

Whilst we work as one, we still value the two unique communities and ensure each school reflects and represent the hopes and needs of each school community.

Inverloch Primary School

Inverloch is a popular seaside town situated on the coast of South Gippsland approximately 140 kilometres south-east of Melbourne. In 2011/2012 the school was totally rebuilt to be a contemporary learning environment. Over the past few years Inverloch Primary School enrolment has grown steadily to reach over 430 this year. In 2018 we are operating with 18 classes, with all children having timetabled Physical Education, Art, Music, Spanish and Library sessions. Inverloch Primary School encourages and values the contribution parents make to the school. We are a Kids Matter School and highly value Social and Emotional Learning to ensure our students learn and thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Kongwak Primary School

Kongwak Primary School is a small country primary school situated in the lovely town of Kongwak just 14 kilometres inland from Inverloch. The school offers a small school learning environment whilst delivering similar curriculum using the same teaching approaches as larger schools. The hub-annex relationship allows both classroom teachers to focus on curriculum delivery by having administrative tasks undertaken by the shared Principal and staff

In 2018 there are 28 students  learning in the  Junior or Senior class. The school is well resourced with two classrooms, a multipurpose room, contemporary technology, a greenhouse, vegetable garden and sporting equipment. As the school is the focal point of this small rural community, a very high degree of parent and community participation and involvement occurs throughout all aspects of the school activities.

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